The Ghost of Watt Tyler

Watt Tyler was one of the leaders of the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt. He was a slain by the King’s supporters after drinking a jug of beer “in a very rude and disgusting fashion before the King's face.”

Friday, January 30, 2009


Published in the Guardian last week....

One of the words that did not appear in Barack Obama's speech was "Gaza" (Words of wisdom, 21 January). As he spoke in front of the biggest crowd ever to have gathered to witness a political event, the battered, abused and forgotten masses of Gaza returned to their flattened homes to bury their dead in overflowing graveyards. If the hope and change promised by his presidency is to mean anything, he must tell America's belligerent watchdog in the Middle East, Israel, to "unclench its fist" and lift its barbaric blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Tom Wall

I wrote it after seeing photos of white phosphorus landing on a UN building in Gaza.

For more see this from Amnesty, which has investigated the claims.